“Effects of Radial Aerodynamic Forces on Rotor-bearing Dynamics of High-speed Turbochargers,”
A. Alsaeed, R. Gordon Kirk & Salem Bashmal, 2014.
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This study investigates the radial aerodynamic forces that may develop inside the centrifugal compressor and the turbine volutes due to pressure variation of the circulating gas. The forces are numerically predicted for magnitudes, directions, and locations. The radial aerodynamic forces are numerically simulated as static forces in the turbocharger finite element model with floating ring bearings and solved for nonlinear time-transient response. The numerical predictions of the radial aerodynamic forces are computed with correlation to earlier experimental results of the same turbocharger. The outcomes of the investigation demonstrate a significant influence of the radial aerodynamic loads on the turbocharger dynamic stability and the bearing reaction forces. The numerical predictions are also compared with experimental results for validation.


Vibration, turbocharger, stability, aerodynamic, bearings, compressor, turbines