Ordering Dyrobes

You have several options for ordering Dyrobes. Your choice will be determined by your organization, the number of users and the period of use.

Rent or buy

Dyrobes is available to lease on an annual basis or to purchase as a perpetual license. Discounts are available on purchases of multiple licenses.

Lease: Annual leases are renewed each year. The renewal cost is less than 50% of the first year’s payment.

Purchase: Perpetual licenses never expire and include three years of support and software upgrades.

Your organization

Dyrobes is available to purchase or lease as a commercial license, an academic license and a student license.

Commercial License: Commercial licenses are intended for use by commercial firms, consultants, and government entities.

Academic License: Teachers and researchers at educational institutions receive discounts on licenses up to 50%. Academic discounts are occasionally provided to small consultancies. You may contact info@dyrobes.com to see if you qualify.

Student License: This limited, 5-station, version of Dyrobes is available to qualified engineering students and instructors at no charge.

Type of License

You can choose between a hardware and software license to run Dyrobes. Dyrobes uses the SafeNet Hasp Security System to protect and run the software on any Microsoft-based computer.

USB Key Hardware license: A “hard” license requires a USB key (“dongle”) that is plugged into your computer to enable the software.

Soft license: A “soft” license is an electronic file that does not require a USB key, but it can only run on a single computer.

Network license: We also provide network, or “floating,” licenses which are stored on a server and which allow multiple users to run the software simultaneously.

Payment Methods

  • Payments can be by ACH or International ACH.
  • Payments by check must be drawn on a US bank.
  • We accept major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. In the United States there is a 3% convenience fee. For international purchases there is a 4% convenience fee.

To Request a Quote

To order Dyrobes, fill in the online order form, call +1(434)326-6797, email info@rodyn.com, or contact:

Rodyn Vibration Analysis, Inc.
1501 Gordon Avenue
Charlottesville, VA 22903