Dyrobes BePerf

Dyrobes BePerf bearings software has been developed to analyze the bearing steady state and dynamics performance of fixed lobes, pressure dam, multiple pockets, floating ring bushing, flexural pad and tilting pad hydrodynamics journal bearings based on Finite Element Methods. In additional to journal bearing analysis, the program also performs thrust bearing analysis, lubricant properties analysis, and oil flow calculation.

Many new bearing types have been implemented into BePerf.

  • Journal Bearing
  • Constant Viscosity, Heat Balance
  • Standard or Lund Coordinate Systems
  • Arbitrary Load Vector
  • Laminar or Turbulent Model
  • Fixed Lobes Bearings
  • Plain Cylindrical, Partial Arc, 2 Axial Grooves, Elliptical, Offset Halves
  • 3 Lobes and Higher Lobes
  • Pressure Dam, Multiple Pockets, Step Bearings
  • Taper Land Journal Bearing
  • Worn Pocket Bearing, etc.
  • Tilting Pad Bearings
  • Various Flexible Pivot Configuration
  • Load on Pivot, Between Pivots, Arbitrary Pivot location
  • Multiple Preloads
  • Floating Ring Bushing
  • Ring/Shaft Speed Ratio can be calculated internally or specified
  • Gas bearing