Video Training

Dyrobes: A Revolution in Rotor Dynamics Software

About Dyrobes, the industry-leading software for rotordynamics.

Getting Started with Dyrobes

How to download, install and run a free trial version of Dyrobes.

Whirlspeed/Stability (Eigenvalue) Analysis with Dyrobes

This instructional video demonstrates how to use Dyrobes rotordynamics software to perform a whirl speed stability analysis of a compressor.

Dyrobes Flipping and Combining Models

This instructional video explains how Dyrobes rotordynamics software allows users to flip and combine their models.

Building a Jeffcott Rotor Model with Dyrobes

This video was developed by Dr. Erik Swanson of Xdot Engineering, where you can find out more about Dyrobes training and classes in rotordynamics.

Dyrobes Unbalance Response of an Induction Motor

Dyrobes RotorDynamics model of Unbalance Response of an Induction Motor.

Building a Rotor Model with Dyrobes

This instructional video shows how to build a model from a diagram and analyze the critical speed of a rotor.

Torsional Analysis Fundamentals with Dyrobes

Eight lessons in running the demo version of Dyrobes, from install (Module 0) to full examples (Module 3.2). Presented by Rugved Nakade. To view the full playlist, click the menu icon in the top left corner of the video.