Optional Component:

Labyrinth seal analysis for turbomachinery rotordynamics analysis


This program was developed in the mid 1980’s for rotor dynamics design evaluation of machinery having toothed labyrinth seals. Options exist in the data entry to estimate the leakage flow entry swirl into the first tooth of the seal. The program compares well to CFD analysis of similar seals but the effects are slightly larger in DYNLAB (LabyDRBSF.exe), hence if the system is stable with DYNLAB coefficients, the machine will likely be stable concerning labyrinth seal effects.

The current version has a new pre- & post-processor with new features to assist in the analysis of several options of bladed labyrinth seals. The new front end (Labyseal.exe) was written by Dr. Wen Jeng Chen and includes a very helpful graphic display of the leak-path and indication of tooth placement.