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User Manuals and Documentation

Documentation is provided in hlp, chm, and pdf file formats. The manual is also online. Components:

Improvements in Dyrobes version 19.00

The release of Dyrobes version 19.00 includes:

  • Model Flipping (Reversing) – allows to flip the rotor model (left to right).
  • Models Combining (Merging or Appending) – allows to combine two model files
    into a single file. This allows users to build the complicated model with multiple
    rotors one rotor at a time.
  • Add leakage calculation for carbon ring seals – Rotor – Tools – Estimate Carbon
    Ring Seal Leakage.
  • Add calculation for the maximum allowable residual unbalance per API and ISO
  • Speed dependent bearing coefficients can be either spline interpolation or linear
    interpolation in the Rotor program.
  • Add more model checking features to avoid any mistakes in building the rotor
    model. An element L/D checking feature can be pre-specified in the Preference
    Settings – Model Display Settings.
  • For more details on recent changes, see Release notes, version 19.00.

Improvements in Dyrobes version 18.30

The release of Dyrobes version 18.30 includes:

  • Add Steady State Harmonic Response Analysis for Coupled Lateral-
    Torsional-Axial Vibration (Dyrobes Rotor).
  • Add descriptions for the probes and Speeds in the Rotor Balancing Program
  • Add LabySeal option in the new Main Menu.
  • Rewrite the function “Print to File” for all the figures and animation files.
  • Correct a graphic bug in GearLoad.
  • For more details on recent changes, see Release notes, version 18.30.

Improvements in Dyrobes version 18.20

  • Add water properties into the lubricant library for bearing programs BePerf and ThrustBrg.
  • Add hydrostatic thrust bearing into ThrustBrg.
  • Add circular pad thrust bearing into ThrustBrg.
  • Add summary results in the graphic output into ThrustBrg.
  • For Floating Ring Bearing in Heat Balance Calculation, allow different Inlet Temperatures and Heat Carry Away Factors for the inner and outer films.
  • Increase Stack Size for large rotor models.
  • Add Herrinbone Gears (double – helix) and many other options in GearLoad.
  • For more details on recent changes, see Release notes, version 18.20.

Improvements in Dyrobes version 18.10

  • Allows for different single pad properties, such as preload, offset, arc length, and
    pivot location for each pad in tilting pad bearings.
  • Add inputs & outputs summary in thrust bearing graphic outputs.
  • Fixed bug in thrust bearing graphics for multiple runs
  • Add Reset button in the critical speed map plot to enter the bearing stiffness
  • Add more general motor driving torque for the torsional startup analysis
    Td = Trated [ Tavg + T1 sin( ω1t + φ1 ) + T2 sin( ω2t + φ2 ) ]
  • For more details on recent changes, see Release notes, version 18.10.

Improvements in Dyrobes version 18.0

  • Added Thrust Bearing and Spiral Face Seal modules.
  • Added more features for the Floating Ring Bearing in both Rotor & BePerf.
  • Improved computational efficiency, including x64.
  • In addition, version 17.0 introduced Lateral-Torsional-Axial coupled vibration for a geared system. In the vibration study of a single rotor system, the lateral, torsional, and axial vibrations are typically decoupled and can be studied separately in general. However, for a geared rotor system with multiple rotors, the lateral, torsional, and axial vibration are coupled through the gear mesh and/or rider ring.