Dyrobes Rotor

Dyrobes Rotordynamics turbocharger software is capable of analyzing lateral, torsional, and axial vibrations.

  • Finite Element Formulation
  • Flexible and Rigid Disks
  • Flexible Supports and Foundation
  • Static Deflection and Bearing/Constraint Reactions
  • Critical Speed Analysis
  • Critical Speed Map Analysis
  • Whirl Speed and Stability Analysis
  • Steady State Synchronous Response Analysis
  • Steady State Harmonic Excitation Analysis
  • Steady Maneuver Load Analysis
  • Time Transient Analysis
  • Constant Speed or Speed with Acceleration
  • Unbalance, Skew Disks, Shaft Bow, Misalignment, Time Forcing, etc.
  • All types of linear and nonlinear bearings and dampers