The Dyrobes Advantage

How does your rotor dynamics software measure up?


Dyrobes Engineering Advantages

  • All Finite Element Analysis (FEA) based. Not Transfer Matrix.
  • Layer and sub-element capability allows for faster modeling and calculations.
  • Easily models support structures, casings and multiple shafts within a single model.
  • Integrated lateral, torsional and axial analyses.

User Advantages

  • User interface doesn’t require additional programs like Excel.
  • Developed and maintained by working, rotor dynamics professionals, not by university.
  • Models can be combined, saving time rebuilding models.
  • Complete integration of modeling, analysis and post-processing tools, including 3D plots and animations.

Training Advantages

  • Detailed user manual.
  • Textbook with extensive example sets and teaching illustrations.
  • Practical how-to book using Dyrobes software.
  • Video tutorials.
  • Worldwide user group provides input for continual improvements.
  • Detailed user manual.
Non-linear, time transient motion of turbocharger.

About Dyrobes

Dyrobes is comprised of two major programs and four optional programs. All programs are integrated. The two major programs are Rotor dynamics (Rotor) and Bearing Performance (BePerf). Non-linear, time transient motion of turbocharger. Together, the two programs provide engineers with a single comprehensive tool that can analyze a rotor-bearing system without the expense of long trials. Dyrobes Rotor is capable of linear and non-linear analyses of free and forced vibrations (lateral, torsional, and axial) as well as static deflections of multi-shaft and multi-branch flexible rotor-bearing-support systems. More than ten different types of bearings, dampers and seals are built in. FEA programming allows for multi-shaft designs and modeling of bearing housings.

The wide range of bearing configurations which can be analyzed include plain cylindrical, partial arc, elliptical, lobed, multi-pocket, pressure dam, general fixed profile lobed, flexural/tilting pad with or without flexible pivots, floating ring bushings, gas lubricated bearings, and thrust bearings.

The four additional programs are Gear Loading (GearLoad); Balancing (RotBal), Advanced Thrust Bearing (ThrustBr) and Spiral Groove Face (SpiralGf).

Turbine generator set with foundation effects.

Dyrobes Features

  • Operational on Windows XP through Windows 10 operating systems.
  • Fully integrated menus for analysis and post-processing
  • Multilevel rotor models lateral and torsional analysis
  • Two- and three-dimensional animated mode simulation
  • Forced unbalance response with linear and nonlinear bearings
  • Time-transient analysis for lateral and torsional analysis
  • Rotor transient variable speed analysis with FFT waterfall generation
  • Complete fluid-film bearing analysis including tilting and fixed pad, multi-lobed and pressure dam
  • Extensive graphics capabilities
  • Context-sensitive Windows help menus
  • Report-ready plot output
  • Multi-colored modeling
  • PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP graphic formats.
  • Extensive example sets
Turbine compressor with flexible coupling