“US Energy Sources For Electric Power Generation and Wind Turbine Reliability Problems,”
Edgar J. Gunter, 2023.


The United States is currently in the process of building an offshore wind supply chain. The eventual goal is the deployment of 30GW of offshore wind turbine power. The plan will require over 2,000 wind turbines, and foundations, 6,8000 miles of cables, and dozens of specialized vessels for installation and repair. The majority of the wind turbines will be installed along the eastern seaboard of the United States. In the pipeline is current planning for 11,877 Megawatts for New Jersey, 8,317 MW for New York, and 8,189 MW for Massachusetts.

It will be seen that this highly unrealistic program to generate 30GW of offshore wind turbine energy is not only impractical, expensive, but will come with severe environmental and reliability problems. European countries such as Denmark have stated that no matter how much offshore wind turbine power you have, an equal amount of onshore reliable electric power generation is required.