“Rotor Transient Response with Fault Tolerant Magnetic Bearings,”
W. J. Chen & H. M. Chen, 1999.
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The concept of fault-tolerant control was devised to increase the tolerance of active magnetic bearing to amplifier, coil, and electric cable failures (i.e. loss of magnetic poles). If some poles fail in operation, the bearing would remain functional. Special features of the self-healing magnetic bearing include:

  • There is no need for off-line calculation and storage of control parameters associated with failed poles.
  • There is no need for on-line monitoring of the failed pole patterns.

A computer program has been developed to increase understanding and facilitate the design of this type of fault-tolerant magnetic bearing. The details of transient simulation development are presented in this paper along with interesting numerical transient responses of a flywheel rotor system that employs a self-healing magnetic bearing.