“Static and Dynamic Analysis of a 1150 MW Turbine-Generator System Part 1,”
E. J. Gunter, Z. Fang & J. R. Henderson, 1994.
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This paper deals with the determination of the static deflections, shaft stress distribution, and bearing reactions for a 1150 MW 11-bearing nuclear turbine-generator system. Computer models for this large and complicated system were developed using transfer matrix and finite element methods for the static and dynamic analysis. The effects of various vertical bearing alignments on the bearing reactions and shaft stress distribution were computed and analyzed by using finite element methods. The fluid film bearing stiffness and damping coefficients and bearing pressure profiles were computed for a range of bearing loads including foundation flexibility or a range of operating parameters. Bearing reaction loads are estimated based upon the observed hydrodynamically generated jacking oil hole pressures measured at the various bearings at running speed.