Dyrobes Thrust Bearing 18.20

We are pleased to announce the the release of Dyrobes 18.20, which contains new additions to the optional advanced Thrust Bearing (ThrustBrg) program.

New features to ThrustBrg include:

  • Added water properties into the lubricant library for bearing programs BePerf and ThrustBrg.
  • Added hydrostatic thrust bearing into ThrustBrg.
  • Added circular pad thrust bearing into ThrustBrg.
  • Added summary results in the graphic output into ThrustBrg.

Other new features for Dyrobes 18.20 include:

  • For Floating Ring Bearing in Heat Balance Calculation, allow different Inlet Temperatures and Heat Carry Away Factors for the inner and outer films.
  • Increased stack size for large rotor models.
  • Added herringbone gears (double helix) and many other options in GearLoad.

More Information

See The Dyrobes Advantage for a complete description of our industry-leading software.


If you wish to purchase or upgrade the optional Thrust Bearing program, or your basic Dyrobes software, email or call (434) 326-6797.