Dyrobes 20 Released with Design Comparison and Other New Features

We are pleased to announce the release of Dyrobes Version 20, which has been expanded and improved based on active user input.

A few of the Dyrobes 20 new features include:

  • Add Design Comparison in Rotor to compare different designs:
    1. Compare two different (.rot) files
    2. Same rot file, but different bearing files
    3. Same rot and bearing files, but different bearing variables
  • Add Bearing Type 15 in Rotor. This option allows the Rotor and BePerf to be fully integrated, for linear analysis.
  • Add new features in BePerf for fixed-lobe and tilting pad journal bearing design, including parametric study and design comparison tools.
  • Add or modify more lubricants into the oil library.
  • Transient Analysis in Frequency domain, the initial condition for the high speed point uses the final condition from the previous speed point.
  • In the Transient Analysis, the integration time and time step are important for the FFT plot, therefore, add “Suggested Time Step” feature for the integration time and time step.
  • Add velocity and acceleration in the FFT displays.
  • Add damping factor vs. frequency ratio (API 610) in the Post Processor for the Whirl Speed and Stability Analysis.

More Information


If you wish to purchase or upgrade the optional Thrust Bearing program, or your basic Dyrobes software, email or call (434) 326-6797.