Rotordynamics and Dyrobes Short Course in Charlottesville 2019

Practical Rotordynamics for Real Machinery

April 8-11, 2019
Charlottesville, VA

Xdot Engineering and Analysis will be offering a short course on Practical Rotordynamics for Real Machinery April 8 through 11 in Charlottesville, VA. Feel free to bring your Dyrobes questions and analysis.

The short course is targeted at beginning and intermediate rotating equipment engineers who have a need to develop a practical understanding of the dynamic behavior and analysis of rotating machinery which their company builds, buys, or maintains. The typical participant would have a bachelor’s degree in engineering and some prior experience with rotating machinery.

This course will be team taught by world-class experts in rotordynamics. It focuses on the practical use of rotordynamic analysis as a tool to:

  • Ensure equipment being purchased does not have clear rotordynamic issues that will lead to unreliable operation (rotordynamic audit), and/or
  • Support development of new machinery with smooth, reliable operation (design), and/or
  • Assist in understanding and resolving field problems with existing machinery (vibration troubleshooting).

We will start with the basics, and then go through all of the major elements of a complete analysis, including:

  • Modeling
  • Lateral response and stability
  • Bearing analysis
  • Torsional analysis
  • Overview of API standards
  • Selected case histories and examples

Continuing Education Units

Xdot Engineering and Analysis will award a Certificate for the completed training course. You will need to contact your state bureau to find out if this will count toward Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

3 teachers


ERIK SWANSON of Xdot Engineering and Analysis
MALCOLM E. LEADER of Applied Machinery Dynamics
MARK CORBO of No Bull Engineering

Training Location

Courtyard Charlottesville – University Medical Center
1201 West Main St.
Charlottesville, VA 22903
(434) 977-1700
(800) 321-2211

Course Fee

$2,750 per student, April 8-11.
Registration and more information at Xdot


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