“An Introduction to Vibration Analysis Using MATLAB,”
E. J. Gunter, 1998.

Introduction and Background

The development of the computer from the late 1950’s has resulted in more powerful computers of smaller size and of such low cost that extensive computational power is available to engineers at an affordable cost. The recent extensive advances in the power of microprocessors has resulted in a generation of new desktop and portable computers that rival mainframe, and even supercomputers, of only a decade ago. ยท

With these high-powered personal computers have also come the development of powerful engineering software programs for use in computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) and extensive finite element packages for the analysis of various statics, dynamics, and stress problems of interest to the engineer. Although there is an extensive array of pre-programmed software available to the engineer and scientist for various problems and tasks, this does not preclude his need or desire to perform his own specialized programming tasks.