“Modal Analysis of Turborotors Using Planar Modes,”
E. J. Gunter & K. C. Choy, 1978.
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The generalized dynamic equations of motion have been obtained by the direct stiffness method for multimass flexible rotor bearing systems including the effects of gyroscopic moments, disc skew, and rotor acceleration. A set of undamped critical speed mode shapes calculated from the average horizontal and vertical bearing stiffness is used to transform the equations of motion into a set of coupled modal equations of motion. The modal equations are coupled by the generalized bearing coefficients and the gyroscopic moments. An analysis using only undamped critical speeds or decoupled modal analysis assuming proportional damping may lead to erroneous results. This paper presents a rapid method of calculating rotor resonance speeds with their corresponding amplification factors, stability and unbalance response of turborotors. Examples of the application of this modal approach are presented and results are compared to those of other methods such as matrix transfer analysis.