Dyrobes Version 19 Allows You to Flip and Combine Models

We are pleased to announce the release of Dyrobes Version 19, which includes many new and valuable features.

Based on user input over the past year, Dr. Wen Jeng Chen has continued to make Dyrobes the most advanced, versatile, and intuitive rotordynamics software on the market. Two of the most popular new features are model reversal and model combination. Model reversal allows users to flip the rotor model from left to right, potentially saving hours of time if the user discovers he needs to reverse the model during construction or after completion. Model combination allows users to combine two model files into a single file. Users can build complicated models one rotor at a time, or combine existing files.

To see these new features in action, see the pdf of three examples:

  1. Air Compressor
  2. Turbine-Generator Set
  3. Rotary Compressor Train

New features and improvements for Dyrobes 19:

  • Speed dependent bearing coefficients can be either spline interpolation or linear interpolation in the Rotor program. Spline function was used before Ver 19. The Bearing coefficients after the interpolation are printed in the text output file.
  • Critical Speed Analysis – for speed dependent bearing coefficients, the stiffness at the last speed point was used. Now, the speed point can be specified. The damping effect can also be included if the bearing dynamic stiffness is desired.
  • Add more model checking features to avoid any mistakes in building the rotor model. An element L/D checking feature can be pre-specified in the Preference Settings – Model Display Settings.
  • Model Flipping (Reversing) – allows to flip the rotor model (left to right).
  • Models Combining (Merging or Appending) – allows to combine tow model files into a single file. This allows users to build the complicated model with multiple rotors one rotor at a time.
  • Fixed the Rotor Rigid Link feature for the torsional and axial analysis. It was initially designed for the lateral vibration only.
  • Whenever possible, the formats for the number printout on the plots can be specified under Option – Settings, or pre-defined in the Preference Settings – Post Processor Graphic Settings. Also, the color for the text printout on the plots can be associated with the curve color.
  • Add more graphs in program – RotorBal – Tools.
  • Add minimize and maximize screen options for the main menu in RotorBal and GearLoad.
  • Add leakage calculation for carbon ring seals – Rotor – Tools – Estimate Carbon Ring Seal Leakage.
  • Add calculation for the maximum allowable residual unbalance per API and ISO specifications.
  • Allows dot (“.”) and white space (” “) in the file and path name.

More Information

See The Dyrobes Advantage for a complete description of our industry-leading software.


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