Dyrobes 19.02 Released with Format Improvements

We are pleased to announce the release of Dyrobes Version 19.02, which makes several improvements to the many new and valuable features in the major release of 19.00 earlier this year.

Changes since Dyrobes 19.00:

  • Improve the Text Output Format (*.OU2 and *.OU4).
  • Fix a bug existed in Ver 19.01 in the heat balance calculation for the Fixed Lobe Bearing Type with Advanced Features ON.
  • Fix a graphic error in the torsional mode shape plot when Rigid Link in the Shaft Elements tab is checked to connect two shafts.
  • Batch mode examples for verifications and future expansion – see BatchRunRotor.bat, BatchBePerfTpj.bat, BatchRunLobeDNF.bat, BatchRunReynolds.bat, and BatchRunExample.bat.
  • Use the latest Safenet (Software Protection Software) drivers.

More Information


If you wish to purchase or upgrade the optional Thrust Bearing program, or your basic Dyrobes software, email or call (434) 326-6797.