Dyrobes 19.02 Released with Format Improvements

We are pleased to announce the release of Dyrobes Version 19.02, which makes several improvements to the many new and valuable features in the major release of 19.00 earlier this year. Changes since Dyrobes 19.00: Improve the Text Output Format (*.OU2 and *.OU4). Fix a bug existed in Ver 19.01 in the heat balance calculation for the Fixed Lobe Bearing Type with Advanced Features ON. Fix a graphic error in […]

Dyrobes Training in Capon Springs Oct. 2017, and News From a Recent Training in Charlottesville

Rodyn is pleased to announce an upcoming course in Capon Springs, West Virginia, October 15-19, 2017. First though, congratulations to the Dyrobes users who attended the rotordynamics and Dyrobes training programs in Charlottesville, Virginia, in April 2017. Sponsored by Xdot Engineering, the four-day rotordynamics course was attended by more than 30 participants from all over the world. The Friday Dyrobes beginner training had 13 attendees. If you are interested in […]

Dyrobes Version 19 Allows You to Flip and Combine Models

We are pleased to announce the release of Dyrobes Version 19, which includes many new and valuable features. Based on user input over the past year, Dr. Wen Jeng Chen has continued to make Dyrobes the most advanced, versatile, and intuitive rotordynamics software on the market. Two of the most popular new features are model reversal and model combination. Model reversal allows users to flip the rotor model from left […]

Dyrobes Author Wins Award

Wen Jeng Chen, Ph.D., P.E., won the Jack Frarey Memorial Award for Excellence from the Vibration Institute in recognition of his contributions to the field of rotor dynamics. Dr. Chen was presented with the award at the Vibration Institute’s annual conference in June in Asheville, NC. His contributions span a broad range of topics, combining a unique combination of practical work in the field and outstanding research. Dr. Chen’s most […]

The Kaybob Compressor Failure Revisited

In 1971, there was a major problem at the Kaybob South Beaverhill Lake plant in Fox Creek, Alberta. A massive compressor, comprised of three natural gas re-injection trains, became dangerously unstable and failed. To address the problem, teams of engineers spent more than five months and one hundred million modern U.S. dollars to fix the problem. The months of troubleshooting that followed the Kaybob failure demonstrate the critical importance of […]

Rotordynamics and Dyrobes Short Course in Charlottesville

Practical Rotordynamics for Real Machinery April 25-28, 2016 Dyrobes Session on April 29 Charlottesville, VA Xdot Engineering and Analysis will be offering a short course on Practical Rotordynamics for Real Machinery April 25 through 28 in Charlottesville, VA, with an optional guided hands on training session on April 29th using a trial version of Dyrobes. The hands on day is suitable for anyone needing an introduction to Dyrobes, as well […]

Dyrobes Thrust Bearing 18.20

We are pleased to announce the the release of Dyrobes 18.20, which contains new additions to the optional advanced Thrust Bearing (ThrustBrg) program. New features to ThrustBrg include: Added water properties into the lubricant library for bearing programs BePerf and ThrustBrg. Added hydrostatic thrust bearing into ThrustBrg. Added circular pad thrust bearing into ThrustBrg. Added summary results in the graphic output into ThrustBrg. Other new features for Dyrobes 18.20 include: […]

An invaluable, new reference book for rotordynamics engineers

We are pleased to announce the publication of Dr. Wen Jeng Chen’s new textbook, Practical Rotordynamics and Fluid Film Bearing Design. This 599-page volume categorizes an extensive variety of rotordynamics problems and case studies, from high-speed turbochargers to large turbine generators. The text bridges the knowledge bases of both rotordynamics and bearing design, inseparable in the rotating machinery design process. Relying on examples developed from Dr. Chen’s rotordynamics software, Dyrobes, […]

Rotordynamics and Dyrobes Short Course in Houston

Xdot Engineering and Analysis is offering a short course on Practical Rotordynamics for Real Machinery October 5-8, 2015 in Houston, Texas, with an optional extra training session on October 9, 2015 focusing on using DyRoBeS as a tool to do rotordynamics. The short course is targeted at beginning and intermediate rotating equipment engineers who have a need to develop a practical understanding of the dynamic behavior and analysis of rotating machinery which […]