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Dyrobes 20 Released with Design Comparison and Other New Features

We are pleased to announce the release of Dyrobes Version 20, which has been expanded and improved based on active user input. A few of the Dyrobes 20 new features include: Add Design Comparison in Rotor to compare different designs: 1. Compare two different (.rot) files 2. Same rot file, but different bearing files 3. Same rot and bearing files, but different bearing variables Add Bearing Type 15 in Rotor. […]

Dyrobes 19.02 Released with Format Improvements

We are pleased to announce the release of Dyrobes Version 19.02, which makes several improvements to the many new and valuable features in the major release of 19.00 earlier this year. Changes since Dyrobes 19.00: Improve the Text Output Format (*.OU2 and *.OU4). Fix a bug existed in Ver 19.01 in the heat balance calculation for the Fixed Lobe Bearing Type with Advanced Features ON. Fix a graphic error in […]

Dyrobes Version 19 Allows You to Flip and Combine Models

We are pleased to announce the release of Dyrobes Version 19, which includes many new and valuable features. Based on user input over the past year, Dr. Wen Jeng Chen has continued to make Dyrobes the most advanced, versatile, and intuitive rotordynamics software on the market. Two of the most popular new features are model reversal and model combination. Model reversal allows users to flip the rotor model from left […]

Dyrobes Thrust Bearing 18.20

We are pleased to announce the the release of Dyrobes 18.20, which contains new additions to the optional advanced Thrust Bearing (ThrustBrg) program. New features to ThrustBrg include: Added water properties into the lubricant library for bearing programs BePerf and ThrustBrg. Added hydrostatic thrust bearing into ThrustBrg. Added circular pad thrust bearing into ThrustBrg. Added summary results in the graphic output into ThrustBrg. Other new features for Dyrobes 18.20 include: […]